When i tried to update one plugin, i received an error:
Download failed. Operation timed out after 300001 milliseconds with 687781 out of 8008356 bytes received
Why? Is my wordpress installation are broken?

Not. Nor in this case. But what we can do to be sure?

Let’s check.

001. Tried to update:

Only 687 KB of 8000 are downloaded. But why?

Update plugin error

Update plugin error


002. Copy download link and try Yourself?

Copy download link and try download it in browser.

And here is problem reason:

Download plugin manually

Download plugin manually

File are download with very small speed. So download can take 30-50 min and this exceeds the defined time of download timeout. Also (in this case) wordpress.org server break file transmission. This is problem on destionation server.

Try download update and apply it manually.


You can also try to download in linux commandline:

wget https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/jetpack.3.2.1.zip --no-check-certificate
--18:23:16-- https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/jetpack.3.2.1.zip
 => `jetpack.3.2.1.zip'
Resolving downloads.wordpress.org...,
Connecting to downloads.wordpress.org||:443... connected.
WARNING: Certificate verification error for downloads.wordpress.org: unable to get local issuer certificate
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 8,008,356 (7.6M) [application/zip]

14% [==========> ] 1,121,952 1.45K/s ETA 47:35


003. Try in different network.

I tried in different network (to be sure, that this is destination servers upload speed problem) – but as i see this is a problem with my provider – in different network file are downloaded at 100 KB/s).

You can download and update it manually.


or… wati for next day. When i tried again, this works fine, without connection errors…



004. Workaround (this is not a regular solution…)

edit file /wp-admin/includes/file.php


Timeout download after 300 seconds

Change this value to greater number. 300 seconds menas 5 minutes, so if download take more that 5 min, You will not be able to receive file in defined amount of time and download will fail. but don’t set this timeout too high. If You set 3000 this will not mean, that file will be downloaded anyway. Until You can’t download it on browser in reasonable time, forget – and do it manually.

… and try again.


Remind  to change to old value when You end update process.