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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Upgrade oem12c agent – The space required for the upgrade at /tmp/xxx is not sufficient.


What you can do when space in /tmp is not sufficient for upgrade agent on oem12c? Checking the free space available at /tmp/tmp_2014_12_19_12_25_07_113 Space free : 1 GB Space required : 2 GB Actual Space Available at : /tmp/tmp_2014_12_19_12_25_07_113 is 1GB The check failed Exit Code :1 The space required for the upgrade at /tmp/tmp_2014_12_19_12_25_07_113 […]

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Clean-up agents (cleanup after agent upgrade)


After agent upgrade… what next step we can made? We can clear our system and remove old installations…

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