After agent upgrade… what next step we can made?

We can clear our system and remove old installations…

001. Introduction

After agent upgrade old agents home are not removed automatically.
You must delete it “manually” by clean-up operation.

002. Clean-up operation

Select Upgrade Agents

Select Upgrade Agents

Come to Setup ==> Manage Cloud Control ==> Upgrade Agents



Add agents to clean-up

Add agents to clean-up

Click on “Post Agent Upgrade Tasks” tab.

Click on “Add” button to add one (using Ctrl key) or more agents to be cleared.



Target added, submit

Targed added, submit

Submit operation.



Clean-up procss started

Clean-up process started

Info window will appear.



Click on it for more info

Click on it for more info

You will be switched to “Clean-up Agent Result” – click on job name for more info or just wait few minutes to complete.

Status will change from “Running” to “Succeeded” (if no errors will be spotted).





Example of details displayed .


Example what will change on  filesystem (OraInventory xml will be changed too).
Old agent home are removed.

[oracle@localhost core]$ pwd

# before clean-up
[oracle@localhost core]$ du -sk *

# after clean-up
[oracle@localhost core]$ du -sk *