Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Agent upgrade to higher version


How to upgrade oem12c agents to new version?

001. Introduction

When new version of agent is released we can upgrade existing agent to new release.

Entire process are fast and secure.



002. Preparation

Go to Agent Upgrade

Go to Agent Upgrade

Go to Setup ==> Manage Cloud Control ==> Upgrade Agents


Add agent to upgrade

Add agent to upgrade

Click on “Agent Upgrade Tasks” and “Upgrade Agents” option.

Next click on “Add” to select agents what you want upgrade.


Select agent

Select agent

From agent list select one (or more using Shift / Ctrl) agent to upgrade.

You can select more than one. If upgrade process fail on one of them, this will not break entire process – just this one will be skipped. You can see result later and repair this one what is broken.


Target added

Agent added

Agent selected. Click “Submit” to start upgrade process


Information screen

Information screen

If sudo are not configured, you see info page like this one (this not a problem).

At end of upgrade process you just must start one script from root account.


Upgrade process started

Upgrade process started

Agent upgrade started. Wait few minutes until it finish.



Upgrade process ended

Upgrade process ended

Agent upgrade is done.

Everything go fine.

003. Last step – run script

Now is time to run script located inside newly installed agent (as root user).

[root@localhost oracle]# /u01/app/oracle/agent/core/
Finished product-specific root actions.
/etc exist

And this is end of the installation.

If you not remind what is correct path to the new agent location, you can try:

 ps ex | grep agent | grep

– will thown a lot of agent processes with path 😀


Go to agents

Go to agents

go to Setup ==> Manage Cloud Control ==> Agents


Enable display of Oracle Home path

Enable display of Oracle Home path

Change displayed column – Add “Oracle Home


And we have it...

And we have it…

Oracle Home will be displayed.


Agent path

Agent path

Also, when you click on agent and click on small “info” button you also see agent home.

004. Conclusion

Agent are installed. Will be automatically run after upgrade.

If you manually run agent, change path to new one.

You can also prepare agent post-upgrade operation to remove old agent home.


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