Some programs open windows, that can’t be moved.
How to move it anyway?

001. Introduction

I using an 24″ monitor with 1920×1200 pixels display area.
I also buy an cheaper vesa arm to use pivot function (rotate view 90 degree to gain 1200×1920 vertial display.
It’s more comfortable to read web page content, work with terminals, do few things simultaneusly. I use this in 90-95% time.
with iRotate program (http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/irotate.shtm) switch to +90 degree takes one second (keyboard shortcut).
I need “normal” wide long screen only sometime – only sometime few programs are more comfortable to use horizontal view.
Also movies and games are better in horizontal view. Some of them deny run in vertical position.

One of my favorite game is X3:TC. Lastly i bought a X3:AP on Steam so i playing sometimes. But i don’t want to only play, i like to do several thing at the same time. Because i work as admin, i’m used to frequenty interrupt current work and do something else. I got used to it.



002. Problem to solve

So i run my game and back to normal activity, sometime i check her and apply new commands.
But this game have one bug… in window mode i can’t move game window.
When i click on game window, i can’t move it – mouse is catched and placed inside game, i can’t move outside it.
Even if i click on the window bar, mouse is placed inside game and we can’t move window…

Game window is placed too low - and is unmovable!

Game window is placed too low – and is unmovable!



003. Let’s solve it

Game is started an placed about X:15, Y:100 pixels (look at screenshoot).

And i can’t move it. How to solve?
I used AutoHotkey – http://www.autohotkey.com

Before move, game window are placed at position: X:15, Y:100


I written small script (one line) to handle it:

… and this is all.



004. Let’s test this solution…

Save as script.ahk and fire it. When used, left window edge will jump to position X:0.Y:0.
At down of picture i marked previous placement of bottom-left corner.

Window after move



005. Create useful executable version

This can be also more complicated:


Create file with configuration – window_position.txt

And place inside 3 lines:

First line = X position
Second line = Y position
Third line = Window name


Compile – and You can use it…

Simple… but works 😀

Executable version + script you can download from here: /data/pic/2014-12-17/window_mover.exe