In my NAS Synology server one of the fan had failure.

How to disable system beeps?

Because fan in server has stopped few times (I had pushed it and it has worked for a few days), I bought a new one – the cheapest…

But system beeps hasn’t stopped and they are really irritating. Better to disable them.


001. Create script not to change it manually every reboot.

Log into shell and create new script:

vi /usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/S99_beep_fan_disable.sh


write inside:

echo 0 >/sys/module/ppc85xx_synobios/parameters/check_fan


make script executable:

chmod +x /usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/S99_beep_fan_disable.sh

and reboot machine (usally enought just to enter zero into check_fan variable – without reebot – but sometime it does not work)



Maybe in your version of path to check_fan is different.

Find it out yourself:

find /sys -name *fan*